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Short-term Letting in NSW

On Tuesday, 5 June 2018, the NSW Government announced new regulations and a change to planning laws concerning the issue of short-term letting. Information concerning these new regulations can be found on the NSW Fair Trading website.


The regulatory framework is designed to ensure that local communities continue to gain from the economic benefits of short-term holiday letting, while protecting neighbours from anti-social behaviour.
The new framework will include new planning laws, an industry Code of Conduct and new provisions for strata scheme by-laws.
Information about these new planning laws, the code of conduct and how this affects strata schemes can all be found on the Fair Trading website.
The introduction of the new framework will require changes to existing laws which must be approved by Parliament.
The Code will be developed in consultation with Government agencies, and industry and community groups during 2018.
Stay informed by visiting the website regularly for updates. Also see the following article published in