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Running an Effective Meeting – Checklist

Strata Committee Meeting

What is an effective Strata meeting and are they as a Strata Committee effective in their meetings? It’s often hard to know how effective your Strata Committee is unless you are a member of multiple Strata Committees. And in many case, your Strata Manager isn’t going to tell you where you rank for obvious reasons!

The below is a good guide that The Strata Collective has put together to help Strata Committee’s measure the effectiveness of their Strata meetings:

If you received less than 8 ‘YES’ responses, you need some work on how you conduct your meetings. Perhaps the incorporation of The Strata Collective’s Strata Committee charter will help your Strata find and retain the right sort of Strata Committee members that can work with your Strata team. If you are experiencing difficulties with your fellow Strata Committee members working effectively together, please read this article (there is hope!)