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We as a team are delighted to be back in the office as usual as per the government directives. Over the last few months, we have increased the volume of owners education on our website as well as increasing the frequency of providing Facebook posts to ensure that we are able to keep our clients updated with the most recent updates in strata. Please follow us at The Strata Collective on Facebook as you will enjoy the content.

We also wish to remind our owners that we have a fully operational owners portal for your strata that is working right now! If you don't have your details handy, please send us an email and we will get these to you straight away. Strata Committee members have access to all invoices as well as the financial information for their strata at any time. Many of our clients use this portal regularly and we know you will find the portal helpful.

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Strata Expert on this month's podcast with LookUpStrata

Rod Smith, The Strata Collective
The Strata Collective’s Managing Director, Rod Smith we invited as the Strata Expert on this month’s podcast with LookUpStrata. In this episode, Rod covers topics such as building works, work safety, Airbnb in Strata, Remote Meetings due to COVID and Strata Committee conduct and procedure.

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Residential Apartment Buildings Bill 2020 Passed

Rod Smith, The Strata Collective
Not only do these laws mean NSW building regulators have new boosted powers to withhold occupation certificates for apartments and other buildings that are not compliant, they can also prevent developers from settlement – the point at which they turn a profit.

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Q&A Why Are Strata Levies So High?

Rod Smith,
The Strata Collective

Question: I’m puzzled by strata levies. Some of the new two bedroom units are selling for $400,000 but the strata levies are over $1,000 per quarter. How can strata levies be over $1,000 per quarter when there is no elevator, gymnasium, swimming pool or children’s playground?

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Q&A Installing Private Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Ross McIntyre, Wattblock
Question: An apartment owner wishes to install an EV charging facility in his car space in the secure common garage area. How do they get a quote without an agreement in principle that this can proceed?

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Opal Tower Owners Face $1 Million Insurance Bill

The Urban Developer
Opal Tower residents have filed legal proceedings against the NSW state government to fix the “cracks of the building industry” after finding 500 new defects. They want the state government to pay their $1 million insurance premium, reform the industry and protect owners of other developments in the future.

Sydney property market swollen with 30,000 empty rentals

Charles Croucher, 9News
There are currently more vacancies in Sydney's rental market than ever before. More than 30,000 homes and apartments are empty.

Pet ban: Fresh appeal, fundraiser planned to keep pets in Sydney apartment building

Sue Williams, Domain
“I had a lot of support for my fight to show that the blanket ban on pets was harsh, oppressive and unconscionable, which we won at NCAT,” said Ms Cooper. “But then when Horizon appealed and we lost, I seemed to have even more support, with so many people getting in touch to say how important it is that we be allowed pets in strata."


Changes to uncollected goods laws

From 1 July 2020, you can apply to NCAT to resolve a complaint or dispute about uncollected goods.

NSW Building Commissioner Insights:
Building Defects

David Chandler, NSW Building Commissioner in conversation with Karen Stiles, OCN 
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The Strata Collective Office News

We welcome Josh William to the team full time. Josh has been working with us over the last 12 months as a part time strata assistant. He has recently completed his strata qualification and is working to support the team with his new qualification.
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