What is the Difference Between a Strata Manager, Building Manager and Property Manager?

Are you confused by the roles of a Strata Manager, Building Manager and Property Manager? Although they have similar names, each role is very different. Strata Managers are responsible for the running of a strata scheme, Building Managers are the on-site contact for the building and look after the daily cleaning and maintenance whilst Property Managers work on behalf of the individual owner and liaise between the tenant and owner of the individual property.

Whether you’re an owner of a strata property or a rental tenant, you’re sure to come across each of these people during your time living in a strata scheme.

To help you understand who to go to with different issues, this article outlines what is a Strata Manager, Building Manager and Property Manager, which is followed by a table of each role’s main responsibilities.

What is a Strata Manager?

A Strata Manager, also sometimes referred to as an owners corporation manager, is responsible for the running of a strata building. They are appointed by the owners corporation by a contract, called an Agency Agreement, which outlines their duties to the strata scheme.

Strata Managers are responsible for all administrative and financial matters of the strata building, such as running all strata meetings, issuing work orders for repairs of common property, issuing strata levies and managing the budget of the owners corporation. Strata managers also ensure compliance by all occupants with the building’s by-laws.

Your Strata Manager should be your first point of call if you have enquiries regarding your levies, a renovation application, a pet application, or issues with another owner.

What is a Building Manager?

A Building Manager, also known as a caretaker is responsible for the day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of the building. Building managers are generally appointed to larger strata schemes of over 80 lots. Additionally, high end apartments can require concierge services for specific requirements. Smaller strata schemes do not generally require building managers as everything can be looked after by the Strata Manager.

Building managers are the first point of contact for owners and tenants and will liaise with any contractors conducting common property maintenance work, as well as providing access to any contractors who attend the building to conduct repairs. They typically work Monday to Friday with reduced hours on the weekend and are appointed by the owners corporation or developer.

The Building Manager should be your first point of call if you have enquiries regarding access to the building or maintenance of the building.

What is a Property Manager?

A Property Manager typically works for a real estate agency and liaises between the property owner and the tenant to manage the residential property. This property could be a house, townhouse or strata apartment. Property Managers are employed by the property owner and responsible for marketing the property for lease, finding suitable tenants, collecting rent and conducting regular property inspections.

If rental tenants have complaints or issues, the Property Manager should be the first point of contact, who can then raise any relevant concerns to the owner, such as a broken oven. Any strata related issues can be passed on to the Strata Manager to investigate. Rental tenants generally do not directly communicate with the Strata Manager, who are primarily focused on the owners of the building.

The Property Manager should be your first point of call if you are a tenant and wish to raise an issue with your Strata Manager, or if you are an owner who is having issue with your tenants.

Main Responsibilities of Each Role

Strata Manager

Building Manager

Property Manager

  • Conduct committee meetings and AGMs as well as distribute agendas and meeting minutes
  • Arrange repairs and maintenance work (if no building manager)
  • Financial management including payment of invoices and reporting
  • Manage the annual budget
  • Make cost saving recommendations
  • Issue and collect strata levies
  • Arrears recovery
  • Manage insurance claims
  • Manage and handle owner complaints and issues
  • Enforce by-laws and manage by-law breaches
  • Attend mediation with owners
  • NCAT orders and appeals preparation with appointed help of lawyers
  • Administrative tasks and record-keeping: the strata roll, registered plans, correspondence and specialist reports
  • Ensure all legislative compliance is in place with up-to-date certification and meets Work Health & Safety standards
  • Periodically inspect all common property areas
  • Manage preventative maintenance contracts and repairs and major works
  • Main contact person for owners, residents and contractors enquiries
  • Trades certification: Obtains records and documentation from contractors including insurance certificate, business and contractor licence to ensure compliance and regulatory requirements are met
  • Verify invoices and works completed
  • Register common property access devices including keys, fobs and remotes
  • Prepare notices and communications and display them on the communal building noticeboard
  • Maintain records of all services, costs and expenditures for contracting work
  • Help maintain building compliance and safety and coordinate certifications for common property areas such as lifts, swimming pools and fire systems
  • Help identify by-law breaches for escalation to Strata Manager
  • Communicate with Strata Manager on behalf of tenant
  • Advertise property for rent
  • Show potential tenants around vacant properties
  • Manage the leasing contract between tenants and the owner
  • Manage the collection and adjustment of rent
  • Arrange and manage repair and maintenance work in the property (plumbing issues, broken oven, fit new fly screens)
  • Conduct regular property inspections to check the property remains in good condition
  • Check that smoke alarms work and meet the legislation
  • Handle the property’s access devices such as keys, fobs, swipes and remotes
  • Liaise between the owner and the tenant
  • Send out communications to the tenant and owner regarding any building works

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