The Importance of Accurate Meeting Minutes

This was a situation faced by a lot owner with regards to the accuracy of meeting minutes:

The lot owner believed accurate meeting minutes were not presented from their last AGM. The minutes contained content accusing them of actions and events that did not happen in the way it was recorded in the minutes.


  • How can this aggrieved lot owner have their version of events placed on the strata management records?
  • Can the minutes be varied to allow the lot owner to provide their version of the events?
  • Can a statement of fact, as the lot owner see's them, be provided as an attachment to the minutes?
  • What other avenues does the lot owner have to remedy this wrong?

Response from Principal of The Strata Collective, Rod Smith:

  • The minutes of a general meeting are designed to be a record of the resolutions at the meeting. They should not contain the opinions of those owners who attended the meeting. It is highly unusual to publish owner comments into the minutes, due to a range of potential concerns for the owners making statements as well as the strata manager.
  • Accepting the minutes of the last General Meeting is normally the first motion on the agenda of any General Meeting. This is the appropriate time to raise any amendments to the minutes of the meeting discussed here.
  • Before the next general meeting, the lot owner should prepare a set of minutes focusing on the decisions of the meeting only (which motions were resolved, which were defeated) and propose to amend the minutes of the meeting to accept the minutes that they have prepared.
  • It is worth speaking with other owners to make sure that they agree with the recollection of events and agree with the new prepared minutes. while also discussing the proposed strategy with them to make sure that they also agree with this approach.
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