Owner Expectations when joining a Strata Committee

One of the great challenges of moving from a house into a Strata Scheme is managing the often-conflicting expectations of a variety of owners within a Strata. This is due different backgrounds, cultures, ages and financial positions.

The Strata Collective Managing Director Rod Smith often suggests owners and Strata Committee members that are new to strata "the best you can expect from a Strata building is an 8 out of 10 score in your books. There is always work to be done in strata and there are just too many unknowns in a strata building that you cannot fully control. That being said, there are many areas of your Strata that will exceed your expectations. The common facilities should always be clean and well maintained with almost no input from you personally. This is a great benefit to living in a strata complex."

If an owner joins the Strata Committee with the expectation of an 8 out of 10 score based on their personal objectives and requirements, they are much more likely to be realistic about their expectations, more patient with their fellow committee members and enjoy the experience of living in Strata so much more. This takes the pressure of 'being perfect' and allow you to learn from the experiences of your fellow owners, Strata Manager and Building Manager (if you have one).

If your Strata Committee isn't proactively managing the maintenance of your property, adopting a regular meeting cycle to action any outstanding items will help your Strata Scheme enormously.

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