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Who is Responsible for Non-structural Wall Cracks?

Strata Maintenance Sydney

A unit owner has cracks in their walls from slight building settlement. It has been determined that these cracks are not a structural issue but limited to their apartment’s internal cement render. As all walls are common property it is assumed that the cost of their cosmetic repair is the body corporate’s responsibility. Once the cracks are filled and sandpapered flat, the walls will require repainting. Is all costs associated with painting internal walls the sole responsibility of the lot owner?

If the cracking has been assessed as being of cosmetic / minor nature by a professional the owners corporation is not required to take any further action. If the owner is concerned with the cracking and how it looks, they can simply patch and paint the wall at their cost. Minor cracking is a common occurrence as part of the aging process in apartments.

The Office of Fair Trading provides a guide to standards and tolerance. The ‘Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2017′ can be found here.