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Financial Management

A regular complaint we hear about our competitors is the inability to promptly pay invoices. This is unacceptable as it impacts upon the day to day operations of your strata scheme. We ensure that payments are made multiple times per week and brought up to date by the end of each week right across our business. This ensures that we can provide our owners with accurate financial statements as well as promote good relationships with your tradespeople.

We are always looking for ways to ensure you receive the best rates for your money. We manage cash flow with our strata committees in order to make sure that we are achieving a good return on your Capital Works Fund monies. We have relationships with a number of banks to ensure our clients get a good rate of return on the term deposits.

Our accountant Renate Brown regularly reports to each of our clients on their financial position to ensure that they are tracking as expected each year.

We regularly review options to save our clients money on their strata levies. We are regularly proactively looking for cost-saving benefits to ensure that you are receiving the best price for each of your strata services.