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Strata Balcony Rules

Replacing Screen Doors in Strata Title

Question: The fly screen of a unit balcony is very old. Who should be paying to replace the screen door? Is it the owners cost or should the owners corporation carry out this repair? Answer: In almost all cases, fly screens and screen doors on apartments are lot owner property and not common property as…

Core Project Consulting

What are ACP Cladding Systems?

Introduction Aluminium Composite Panels “ACP” is a building cladding material commonly used in internal and external wall systems for its light weight, durability and structural performance. Recently there has been an increased awareness and concern around ACP cladding and the fire risk associated with ACP cladding following a number of cladding fires around the world,…

Short Term Letting in NSW

NSW: Pre-1974 Schemes

For owners corporations with a strata plan registered prior to 1 July 1974, things work a bit differently than for other schemes. There are important differences regarding what is common property and what owners corporations and lot owners are responsible for. This is because schemes registered prior to 1 July 1974 were set up under…

Strata Committee Meetings Sydney

The Importance of Accurate Meeting Minutes

This was a situation faced by a lot owner with regards to the accuracy of meeting minutes: The lot owner believed accurate meeting minutes were not presented from their last AGM. The minutes contained content accusing them of actions and events that did not happen in the way it was recorded in the minutes. Questions:…

Common Property in Strata

Your Rights to Common Areas

A question concerning rights to common property in a strata community was published in Strata News #172 and answered by our Principal, Rod Smith. Question: One particular lot owner has ‘moved into’ a section of the common areas and uses this space as their own. Do we have a right to ask the owner to either…

Executive Committee position

Can a non-lot owner in NSW hold an Executive Committee position

Question: Can a non lot owner be elected to a Strata committee and hold one of the executive committee positions? If a resident who is not listed as the unit owner on the title deeds, but has that lot owner’s long term proxy (e.g. a lot owner’s spouse or de facto partner), can they be…