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Author: Rod Smith

Executive Committee position

Can a non-lot owner in NSW hold an Executive Committee position

Question: Can a non lot owner be elected to a Strata committee and hold one of the executive committee positions? If a resident who is not listed as the unit owner on the title deeds, but has that lot owner’s long term proxy (e.g. a lot owner’s spouse or de facto partner), can they be…

Strata Pets NSW

Keeping Pets in Strata Units

Question: I would like to know about keeping pets in strata units. How many pets can be kept in a two bedroom apartment with a courtyard in suburban Sydney? Answer: Some buildings have a very prescriptive ban on animals in their strata, whilst others allow pets without hesitation. I write this email with cuts on…

Strata Management Sydney

Window Locks – The Time for Action is NOW

For those who live in strata and are still unaware – the deadline to complete window lock compliance in your apartment is 13 March 2018. It is time to speak with your strata committee to instruct your strata manager to have a professional window assessment completed as soon as possible, with the view of supplying…

Strata Manager Sydney

Service Levels for a Strata Manager

I am proud to be a strata manager. Unfortunately however strata managers often receive a bad rap. When I am discussing my profession socially, almost invariably I hear comments such as – my strata is hopeless, they never return calls. Or my strata is so expensive, we have to pay over $1,500 per quarter. This…

Strata Building Sydney

Strata buildings being unreasonable – what are your options?

Our office was approached recently to manage a building that was having significant internal problems at Strata Committee level. One of the main problems was their ability to make decisions to improve their owners amenity, such as approving renovations. In the particular case reported, an owner had requested bi-fold doors at the rear of their…

Building Management Committees

Building Management Committees (BMCs) 101 – A Users Guide

With the size and complexity of Strata Developments increasing in NSW, the strata management industry is seeing more and more Building Management Committee structures being used on new developments in Sydney. It is important for both developers and owners within a BMC to have a sound working understanding of how a BMC works, what decisions…