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Author: Rod Smith

Fair Trading Amendment Bill

Crackdown on AirBnB Holiday Rentals

Sydney has become the latest city to propose a crackdown on Airbnb holiday rentals. It has now joined the growing number of cities around the world regulating short-term holiday letting. After months of speculation, the NSW Government has released the Fair Trading Amendment (Short-term Rental Accommodation) Bill 2018 (Airbnb Reform Package). The Airbnb Reform Package…

Strata Community Awards

The Strata Collective Wins Prestigious Award

Each year SCA NSW conducts strata community awards to recognise excellence in the industry. The winners of these awards are then recognised as finalists in the National Awards which will be conducted in 2019. There were nine award categories in total this year and we are very proud and honoured to announce that The Strata…

Strata Committee Meeting

Strata Committee Conflict Over Repairs

The following scenario was presented to me. We are in the process of an NCAT dispute over the Owners Corporation’s failure to repair the common property. We have concrete cancer that is damaging the flooring in our unit and the Owners Corporation have not made any repairs for nearly two years. I hold a general…

Short Term Letting in NSW

Short-term Letting in NSW

On Tuesday, 5 June 2018, the NSW Government announced new regulations and a change to planning laws concerning the issue of short-term letting. Information concerning these new regulations can be found on the NSW Fair Trading website. The regulatory framework is designed to ensure that local communities continue to gain from the economic benefits of…

Strata Debt Recovery

Debt Recover Procedures for Strata

What happens when not only one or two but six lots fall behind on their strata levy fees? Do the rest of the owners need to pay? Unfortunately, many strata schemes have difficulty with one or two owners that are behind in paying their levies. This is normal, however 6 owners in a small building…

Strata Maintenance Sydney

Who is Responsible for Non-structural Wall Cracks?

Scenario: A unit owner has cracks in their walls from slight building settlement. It has been determined that these cracks are not a structural issue but limited to their apartment’s internal cement render. As all walls are common property it is assumed that the cost of their cosmetic repair is the body corporate’s responsibility. Once…