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Year: 2017

Building Management Committees

Building Management Committees (BMCs) 101 – A Users Guide

With the size and complexity of Strata Developments increasing in NSW, the strata management industry is seeing more and more Building Management Committee structures being used on new developments in Sydney. It is important for both developers and owners within a BMC to have a sound working understanding of how a BMC works, what decisions…

Sale of Strata Schemes

Collective Sale of Strata Schemes

With the recent sale of three strata apartment buildings in Macquarie Park (link to article here) for $55 million, it seems that redeveloping strata buildings is only just getting started in Sydney. A major change to the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015, introduced on 30 November 2016, was the level of decision required to terminate…

Strata Managers Sydney

How to Change Strata Managers

One of the biggest causes of confusion in strata is how to change strata managers. The reality is that changing strata managers is quite a straight forward process and all the ‘hard work’ happens behind the scenes by the new incoming Strata Manager. Generally, there are three ways for an owner to change Strata Managers:…

Strata Management Sydney

The Non-Negotiables of a Well-Managed Strata Scheme

There are many extremely important aspects of managing a Strata Scheme. This article assumes that your Strata Scheme has duly appointed a licensed and experienced Strata Manager. The Strata Collective considers the following areas of Strata Management as minimum standards for well-run Strata Schemes: Holding your Annual General Meeting on the same month each year…

Strata Committee Meeting

Running an Effective Meeting – Checklist

What is an effective Strata meeting and are they as a Strata Committee effective in their meetings? It’s often hard to know how effective your Strata Committee is unless you are a member of multiple Strata Committees. And in many case, your Strata Manager isn’t going to tell you where you rank for obvious reasons!…