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Month: June 2017

Strata Management Sydney

The Non-Negotiables of a Well-Managed Strata Scheme

There are many extremely important aspects of managing a Strata Scheme. This article assumes that your Strata Scheme has duly appointed a licensed and experienced Strata Manager. The Strata Collective considers the following areas of Strata Management as minimum standards for well-run Strata Schemes: Holding your Annual General Meeting on the same month each year…

Strata Committee Meeting

Running an Effective Meeting – Checklist

What is an effective Strata meeting and are they as a Strata Committee effective in their meetings? It’s often hard to know how effective your Strata Committee is unless you are a member of multiple Strata Committees. And in many case, your Strata Manager isn’t going to tell you where you rank for obvious reasons!…

Strata Committee Meetings

Owner Expectations when joining a Strata Committee

One of the great challenges of moving from a house into a Strata Scheme is managing the often-conflicting expectations of a variety of owners within a Strata. This is due different backgrounds, cultures, ages and financial positions. The Strata Collective Managing Director Rod Smith often suggests owners and Strata Committee members that are new to…

Strata Committee

Who is the Right Person to stand on a Strata Committee?

Our team at The Strata Collective is often asked ‘who should we invite to be on the Strata Committee’. The other similar question to this is ‘what makes a good Strata Committee member’ and ‘how do we ensure that we have an active, functioning Strata Committee? There are numerous articles written about how each Strata…

Strata Committee Meeting

Should the Chairman chair meetings rather than the Strata Manager?

One of the most interesting practical considerations of Strata Management is whether the Chairperson should chair the meetings of the Owners Corporation and Strata Committee, or if the Strata Manager should. Section 41 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (SSMA) states that the Strata Committee members must appoint a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer of…